Discover Finwedge and its WedgeInvest platform

"Finwedge's vision is now clear. It's time to help our clients adopt our technology based approach to be successful."

Delphine Monti -  Finwedge CEO

Finwedge is a Fintech company that has developed the WedgeInvest platform to make the non-listed SME/ETI segment transparent and liquid. Its main objective is to direct the investment cycle towards innovative industrial entrepreneurship, in particular towards managers who have difficulty negotiating win-win agreements with the banking and financial ecosystem.

Noting the under-exploitation of cutting-edge technologies in financial engineering, Delphine Monti, CEO and founder, with more than 15 years of expertise in strategy and corporate finance, is founding Finwedge in 2019 with a fixed idea: to dust off the world of private equity to make it more efficient.

Founding of Finwedge

Born from a desire to accelerate the connection between growing companies and the financial community.

Finance Innovation

The WedgeInvest project has been approved by the financial experts of the Finance Innovation cluster in Paris.

Pôle SCS

The research and development plan in Artificial Intelligence is validated by the members of the SCS cluster in Sophia Antipolis.

Plan de relance CNRS

Launch of the AI project integrated in WedgeInvest with the I3S laboratory in Sophia Antipolis in October.

The Finwedge team