Business Plan Builder

As you access WedgeInvest one of the free tools you can access is the Business Plan Builder standard (Free) to generate your company’s P&L and your predictions. If you wish to create a more appealing, Business Plan we also offer the Business Plan Profiler. This tool will help you create a Business Plan structured specifically for your investors.

If you wish to verify your Business Plan we offer the Business Plan Analyzer. This tool will analyze your company’s business plan and highlight the strengths and weaknesses by checking your business model, challenging your KPIs, and achieve clear financials.

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Investor Finder

Finding the right investors for your company can be costly and challenging. This is why your company can benefit from WedgeInvest’s Investor Finder. In just a few minutes you can sign up, create an opportunity and you will have access to investors corresponding to your needs among our 20 000 contacts from our database.

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Cap Table

Using our Cap Table can be a solution if you want to structure your capital distribution and see the evolution of your valuation. Finwedge offers a complete cap table solution directly on the platform, to help companies negotiate their deal with investors, structure the deal in a coherent manner, forecast your future fundraising round, and see your valuation's evolution.

You can onboard in few minutes, save time, get your scenario and plan the future by modeling eventual investments and valuations.  

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